Invisalign Dentist San Jose

Invisalign Dentist San Jose, Orthodontist San Jose Ca, Invisalign Orthodontist Silicon Valley California offer free Invisalign / braces consultation.
Savings for Invisalgn!

When you sign up for Invisalign /Orthodontic Treatment, you will receive:

$500 off Total Invisalign Treatment Cost
$550 value CT Scan and 3D X-Ray Images
(Fee of $550 applies to copies, CD or emails of 3D X-ray images)
$160 value Oral-B Electrical Toothbrush w/ Cash Rebate
$350 value impression, Panoramic x-ray & Cephalometric x-ray for Records
FREE 2 Teeth Cleanings Per Year
$600 value In-Office Teeth Whitening upon completion of orthodontic treatment
$1800 value Cosmetic Gum Treatment, if necessary, after completion of Invisalign treatment

Call Today Top Best *8* San Jose Dentists Specialists Centers – Jonathan H. Kim, DDS, Inc. for dental services.

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