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Patient Testimonial from Caring Dentist San Jose

August 2011


Dear Dr. Kim and medical staff of a very impressive dental office!

After several hours spent with you all, I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you and tell you how impressed I am by your professionalism, kindness and empathy.  This was a difficult time for me and my family but with your competent help and counsel, with your experience and skill, your craft and aft, you have made me feel healthy and confident.  Thanks to you all – I am able to smile again!


Sincerely yours,


Svetlana Gous (and her family who appreciates all you have done!)


Special thanks to Dr. Cook, Dr. Shuster, Dr. Gitta, Dr. Stella Chan, Perla, Enoni and all supportive and caring staff members of Dr. Kim’s office!